About the Firm

Bejin Bieneman was founded on the philosophy of partnering with clients to assist them in achieving a positive return on investment in the legal process. Our attorneys maximize returns on clients’ long-term investments by understanding our clients’ business objectives.

Our clients are Fortune 500 companies throughout the world. We regularly interact with patent agents in Europe and Asia, prosecuting in-bound and out-bound matters. We counsel our clients on complex intellectual property issues in a timely, cost-effective, and well-executed manner.

We are a full-service intellectual property law firm. Our practice areas are described below.

Recruiting and retaining clients are very important to us, and a key part of our long-term value proposition. We believe that training, mentoring and teamwork provide our clients with real and tangible benefits.

For more information on our patent attorneys and agents, please visit our Professionals section.

Practice Areas


Prepare and prosecute patent applications. Prepare and prosecute trademarks & copyrights

We are always working to improve our patent preparation and prosecution practices. For example, we have developed and implemented a number of standard practices, including:

  • Developing and revising templates for patent applications and Office Action responses to increase efficiency, and provide a structure that facilitates focus on the central technical features at issue.
  • Standardizing terminology used in patent applications and other USPTO filings consistent with case law and evolving trends.
  • Implementing detailed timing protocols throughout the patent drafting and prosecution process. The protocols help ensure that our patent prosecution services are the highest quality, timely, and cost-effective.
  • Using software tools on all applications we prepare, at no extra cost to our clients. The software tools can also be applied to in-bound foreign applications, depending on the translation quality and the approach taken by the application’s original drafter. The software tools help reduce USPTO objections and rejections to patent applications for  lack of clarity, lack of support, etc., resulting in a more efficient process.


PTAB proceedings, Inter partes review and Post-grant review.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in all varieties of contested intellectual property matters, including patent, trademark, trade secret, and copyright litigation before the U.S. federal courts, the International Trade Commission, and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board in post-grant proceedings, including inter partes review proceedings. Our clients also benefit from our partnership in the IP Legal Network, a group of firms located around the country that support each other in contested matters as needs arise.

Intellectual Property Counseling

Patentability and invalidity searches, formal non-infringement opinions, trade secrets, IP due diligence, strategic direction and IP agreements

Using the superior tools provided at the Detroit Patent Office, we can search virtually any area of technology for a client seeking to invalidate a competitor’s patent, concerned about freedom-to-operate issues, and investigating the potential patentability of a proposed invention.

We regularly prepare opinions of counsel concerning infringement and/or invalidity of U.S. patents, often after performing searches such as described above. Our abilities to provide opinions have become increasingly important considering recent U.S. Supreme Court precedent.