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More on Google and Privacy

By Charles Bieneman

Categories: Miscellaneous, The Software IP Report

Google’s new privacy policy and terms of use are, as I have commented, scary stuff.  Two authors at Slate magazine, coming at the issue from the “open technology” perspective, recently explained why they agree that Google’s simplification of some sixty disparate policies into one is not so benign.  As the authors note, “while the new policy does not expand the personal information it collects, it introduces new ways for Google to combine and share data across its own services.”  The problem is that Google does not in turn plan to provide users with granular control of privacy settings within different services, opting instead for a global Google account profile.  As a lawyer, I worry about the legal implications of Google’s global tracking.  But beyond the law, individuals and business alike really need to think about the ground they are ceding to the World Wide Web.